Flight Instruction

Our club has a flight instruction program for you new pilots out there. We have the ability to link two transmitters together (buddy box) so that the instructor can take control of the plane at any time which makes it safe for anyone to fly. If your not currently with the Academy of Model Aeronautics, you may only fly with the designated instructors. Once you are a member of the AMA, anybody can help you buddy box with your airplane. We currently have buddy box equipment for Futaba (old circular and newer square connectors), JR, and Airtronics.

Our Designated Instructors:

Justin Prochaska....jprochaska@gmail.com

Ben Beyer....ben_beyer@yahoo.com

Terry Hix .... terryhx7@gmail.com

Kevin Morris .... kwmorris@yahoo.com

John Bowling .... Bowlijd@aol.com