General Information
The BVRC field is a grass field about 200ft wide by 800ft long. We also have a helicopter pad on the side of our field, however the majority of us fly airplanes. We have a covered area for spectators and working on airplanes, and lots of room for parking. For safety we have a 4 ft chain link fence, and a  2 ft PVC fence (aka shin saver) for the pilots. Our Field also has an electric fence around it to keep the cows out. YES, IT IS ON.

Maps & Directions
The BVRC flying field is located near Wixon Valley just off of Highway 21 approximately 4 miles east of Bryan. From Highway 21 at the blinking light, turn left (north) onto FM 2776 and go 4/10 of a mile. Turn left across the cattle guard entrance to our field.

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Field Mowing
BVRC keeps a mower at the field. Members volunteer to mow the field. Click the link below to view the schedule.
E-mail Doug McHan to sign up to mow.
Mowing Schedule        

Our property owner lives beyond the tree line straight out from our flight line. Please avoid flying beyond the tree line so as to not fly over the property owner’s residence. See the aerial view link below to view the no fly zone.
No Fly Zone        

Field Rules

Do not power on a transmitter until you “own” your channel by placing your AMA card in the proper slot on the frequency control board. ONLY ONE CARD PER SLOT IS ALLOWED. If someone else already “owns” that channel, notify that person you are waiting to use the channel.

Do not start engines in the pit area or under covered area. Start engines on black mats on the flight line. Running and tuning of engines allowed on tables at each end of chain link fence.

Spectators are to remain behind the chain link fence.

Limit of four aircraft flying at the same time.

The initial turn after takeoff is to be away from the pit area.

Do not intentionally fly behind the short pilot safety fence, over the pit area, or parking area.

When more than one aircraft is flying, limit “3D” type flying to the center of the field for brief moments.

When more than one aircraft is flying, pilots are to roughly keep their aircraft in the oval “pattern”. The “pattern” is “right hand” when takeoffs are toward the paved road, “left hand” otherwise.

Call out the following actions as appropriate: “Taking Off”, “Landing”, “Touch & Go”, “On the Field”, “Clear of the Field”, “Dead Stick”.

Pickup and remove all of your own trash.

Last one out close and lock BOTH gates.