Services For Club Members

Flight Training

Whether you are new to the hobby or looking to improve your skills, we have club trainers to help out. We offer instruction and buddy-box style training help for most transmitters. If you just want an experienced flyer to test your model first, we can help with that as well.

If you are looking to start in the hobby and have not purchased any equipment, check with us to make sure we will be able to interface with your transmitter for training. When you are new to the hobby, it is hard to choose the planes and other equipment to start your R/C journey that won’t leave you frustrated because it is junk or just wrong for a beginner. Let us help you stay within budget and find quality equipment to get started.

Model Building Assistance

Our experienced builders can help if you have any questions about building a model or selecting parts. We can check over a model for you and perform test flights if desired. Just ask questions and we will gladly help!